marți, 10 ianuarie 2012

Motivational Speakers app is ready

Motivational Speakers is an application that will help you raise your morale, so that you will gain the strength to finally start doing the things you always wanted but never had the self-confidence to do.
  • - “Update playlist” function for you to have the latest motivational speakers clips chosen by us. 
  • - Auto-play system, so you do not have to worry about nothing, you just put the iPad somewhere and let it speak! 
  • - Shake to shuffle the playlist, so it's a new experience every time. 
  • -You can contact us by email to propose a new song on our playlists 

Un comentariu:

  1. Great Idea !
    Technology is replacing people the work done by human will now done through various small applications of gadgets . It's advantage is that you can be motivated without hiring any motivational speakers that will charge large amount of money.

    Mark Duin

    Motivational Speaker